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Is this too ambitious

Hi all, I am beginning my college search, and at the moment, and with some thought, I am hoping to major in classics with a pre-med track and a minor in music (vocal performance). Is this possible? Will my course load be too heavy, and what schools would complement my areas of interest the best. (my current top five are Yale, Brown, U Chicago, Swarthmore and Bowdoin)


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12 days ago

for course load, depends on what classes you're planning on taking. college classes, all classes are going to be pretty difficult, but if you are really interested in pre-med, then it shouldn't be terrible. as for the minor, don't prioritize those classes. prioritize pre-med, and if you feel like you're ready to also have a minor when you are in college, take it! The schools you want to attend are amazing, but extremely difficult schools. Be prepared to have excellent time management and study skills ahead of time, so you can balance out your coursework. As for what other schools, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, and Duke are also great options for their pre-med programs


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