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I am a high school sophmore. I haven't been apart of any clubs or anything but I do play football and run track. I have a 3.96 and have been wondering about getting into some good colleges. I feel like my problem may be that I do not have enough extracurricular activities and I was wondering what would be some good extracurriculars that would look good on applications and o nes that would help me get into better and more prestigious colleges. I would also like to know if there are any good ones that would help me look based off the field I want to major in, Business and Marketing. Thank you.

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If your school has an FBLA (future business leaders of America) you should definitely join that, and I would recommend joining NHS and some other community service based club .

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This CollegeVine blog post lists business-related extracurriculars that you will likely be eligible for. Hope this helps!

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Some clubs have officers/leadership positions for a social media marketer or a marketing director... try applying for those positions in the clubs. There are any student led non profit organizations that recruit high schoolers as marketing directors or any head of department positions. You can try to apply for those after gaining experience through FBLA, DECA, club leadership positions, etc. Start your own business or initiative (even a small-scale/local/neighborhood business is pretty good). A group of friends I know started a business for selling home-made cakes and other baked goods. Part time jobs.

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As a part of extra curriculars, DECA is a great club for business. Also, you could look into summer programs that involve business.


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