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Is name dropping okay if I mean it?

I’m writing the classic “why this uni” essay and have a unique situation. I originally connected with one of the admissions officers and had multiple in depth conversations with her, and even took an on campus tour where my family and I had a meaningful conversation. I also heard a professor talk about the courses he teaches while I was there and I knew then that I wanted to switch to that school to that major. It was my “aha” moment. The kindness they showed me truly captivated me. I heard that name dropping was bad in some cases, but good in others. Would this be okay since it is truly one of the reasons why I wanted to go here?

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10 days ago

Yes, just don't overdo it. Relating that story is fine and applicable to the specific university. Depending on the size of the school, it may mean something (if small) or may not mean anything (larger school). So the whole essay has to tell a story and this should be a relatively small part of the larger picture.

4 days ago

Yes, just don't overdo it. It is acceptable to relate that story, as long as it is relevant to the chosen university. griddle game


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