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How to start a finance blog?

Hi everyone,

I’m currently in high school and I’m trying to start a blog about business/personal finance. I’m really passionate about it and could talk about it for hours. My question is how do I start? Where do I create the website and how should it look? I’ve done some rough stuff on Wix just to look at some options. I am also wondering how to actually start the blog. Should the first post be an introduction, or do you just dive right into the topic without any specific order in mind?


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11 days ago

I’ve never started a blog before but I’ve played around with Wordpress and it seems better than wix for blogging. I believe they will give students a free domain with your name but don’t quote me on that. As a fellow teen, I wish you the best of luck. 😀

11 days ago

Hi! I hope you are well, answering your question I think you can start your blog in youtube, when you make a quality content your channel will increase and you will promotion your blog, in this part, you will have experience and character for abording different topics with freely, you can start with attractive titles, this is the key, a good illumination, good camera(inclusive you can use your phone) and you only speak, express yourself…with the pass of time you will be better for sure.

Other thing, improve your edit in videos (or pay someone) you can learn in Youtube, you only should search it in.

Regards! I hope that you find useful.

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