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Is course rigour or high gpa more important to college admissions?

I'm a junior who's planning out my schedule for my senior year. Right now I'm taking 3 AP's, an IB, and regular required classes. For next year's schedule I have planned to take 2 regular required classes and 2 AP classes that I want to take. I have 2 more classes left on my schedule, here are my options that I would consider doing:

- AP math and IB class: both of these classes will definitely be time consuming and give me a heavy workload, but I also think that the rigor will help me when I go to college. However, I'm worried that I will get a C in the AP math class because I'm not doing too great in math this year.

- 2 classes full of electives: I think I would try to do 2 or 3 career related electives such as marketing and computer programming to see if I'm interested, but also electives are overall a gpa boost. They would guarantee me A's, and with the schedule I have lined up, have a chance to have all A's in a semester. However, they are electives, and there are 35 AP + IB classes available at my school, so it would show that I didn't want to do that.

- dual enrollment: I know it's not as rigorous as AP/IB classes, but it's a college level class. Also, it'll give me more of a chance to see what college is like ahead of time. I have the space to take 4 community college classes, but I might also take 2 community college classes and take one of the above options as my last class

I would like to add that I did get a C in an AP class and 5 A's this past semester, and I currently have a 3.75 gpa. Thank you to everyone who has read this, I know it's a lot but I'm so stressed !


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Hi @dancer2309!

Course rigor is really important, so taking electives for easy A's won't be the best option.

Which AP math class are you going to take? Out of 35 AP+IB classes, is that the only one that you found for this year?

Who told you dual enrollment classes aren't considered as rigorous as AP and IB classes? If you can take 4 community college classes instead of 1 AP & 1IB and still get good grades, that will be the best choice.

Hope this helps alleviate a bit of stress!

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