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Should I trust the chancing calculator if it says a school with a <30% acceptance rate is a safety?

I put in my college list into collegevine and it says that colleges such as Cal Poly SLO and Northeastern are safety schools. However, CalPoly has a 28% acceptance rate, and Northeastern has a 19% acceptance rate. How much weight should I put into collegevine's rankings?


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4 years ago

I’d say disregard it and say it’s a target school

(There is a way to Mark it as something by clicking on the school and say this isn’t my chance or something like that)

Also with my profile at Michigan I have a 15% chance as a white male if I changed myself to be a black male I suddenly had 80% so demographics play a large part so if you are a PoC those stats are “more” true.

Also remember CV is an algorithm so nothing is perfect it serves as a guide/resource as there is no magic formula as a admission counselor could love your profile or the AO could have a bad day and split his applications in half and reject the half there is no garuntee but it serves to show you are you competitive.

Also look at the common data set for each school and see if you exceed the middle 50% in gpa and sat/act if you do in both you have a really good shot.

Also make sure your profile is free of errors and keep in mind at these sub 40% admit schools essays rec letters interviews play a large role so if you bomb the essay you could have a 1% chance.

TLDR it’s a target school but it could be a safety target hybrid if you exceed the common data set mid 50% and do well in intangibles.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification

4 years ago

CollegeVine seems to be pretty reliable but nothing is 100% foolproof. But you can use this chancing calculator to help you make a college list. But don’t put all your eggs in one basket. In other words, don’t pin your hopes on this chancing calculator.

What are your chances of acceptance?
Your chance of acceptance
Duke University
+ add school
Your chancing factors
Unweighted GPA: 3.7
SAT: 720 math
| 800 verbal


Low accuracy (4 of 18 factors)

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