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What are hackathons and how do they work?

I'm pretty into CS and generally enjoy it. I'm hoping to explore it more through attending hackathons, but I really don't know what they are or how they work. Are some more prestigious that others? Are they worth going to? Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!!


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a year ago

Hey @zayna.n.a!

To summarize it extremely briefly, hackathons are competition-styled events where competitors would create some software, hardware, etc and is usually based on a given theme at the time of the event. You would then get time (some hackathons may be 12 hours long but some go up to 3 or 4 days) where you can develop ideas based on the given theme and then make your idea into a reality. In the end, they would have awards often for various categories and so much more throughout the time which could include guest speakers and more! When speaking of prestige, I would say that larger events may appear better at first but speaking from personal experience I would say it is best to find any hackathons that might be near you and just start from there as this will give you some more understanding before a larger event and allows you to get yourself out there sooner than later! I've always had a great time at these hackathons, and I believe that these events are worth going to as it allows for self-improvement, practice, and in the end can help show colleges that you have an interest in the CS field.

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