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Is there a disadvantage to attending other campuses of Purdue?

I recently sent my application to Purdue, and received a decision: they couldn’t offer me a spot in main campus… but they are willing to offer me admission in other campuses.

Considering Purdue’s reputation, I am a little confused about this, since most reviews I have read for Purdue are aimed for main campus, and not too many about Fort Wane, Northwest etc. West Layefette has a stellar reputation, and it confuses me if other campuses are not as good or as reputable. They say the degree is same but I am still am confused about the whole thing.

My question in considering which college I may go to (since I have received from some other ones like UMass Amherst), would going to other campus of Purdue apart from main campus result in a disadvantage such as not good classes or resources? Or anything else I am not aware of?

Also, considering career wise, would a degree from other campus be not regarded by employers as highly as they do for main campus?

Would be happy if you could help me with my confusion :)

@Amita year ago

Did u apply regular decision or Early Action ?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Science18a year ago

@Amit Early Action

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Purdue's campus network is similar to the campus structure that state schools have. To explain, let's look at an example.

Penn State University has one main campus and many local campuses across Pennsylvania. These local campuses are certainly good schools, but they do not offer as many resources as main campus. They are smaller, and the majority of students come from the county that the school is in.

Purdue's other campuses are similar to the example of PSU local schools. Campuses like Fort Wayne have less prestige and resources than main campus, though the difference is not by orders of magnitude. You may find your professors to be great instead of excellent, and that many of your friends are from Fort Wayne.

Employers highly regard Purdue graduates from all campuses. All of them will give you a quality education. Hope this helps!

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