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What’s the difference between a target and a reach school?

I’m in 11th grade and go to an fcps high school. I just got an account here and wanted to know the difference between a target and a reach school.

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@Nyptes2 years ago

I also go to an fcps school :)

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i also go to an fcps school!

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For additional context, here are the percentage ranges on how CollegeVine defines Long Reach, Reach, Hard Target, Target, and Safety.

Less than 12% — Long Reach

Less than 45% — Reach

Less than 60% — Hard Target

Less than 85% — Target

85% or higher — Safety

2 years ago[edited]

A "Target" school is a school that has a reasonable probability to admit you if you were to apply. Not too easy (those are "Safety" schools), but not too hard either.

A "Reach" school is a school that would be really hard for you to get into. These are usually your Ivy Leagues, but could also be other less competitive schools depending on your academic strength, extracurriculars, and other prerequisites.

Generally CollegeVine recommends that you have about 2 safety schools, 4 target, and 2 reach schools on your list. This gives you a decent chance of getting into a good school, while minimizing your effort and risk.

3 months ago[edited]

Everything is very simple. It is very easy to get into "Target" school, anyone can enter there. It's like a regular school. And it's harder to get into "Reach" school - it's like an elite school. You need to study well and pass the exam well. I found dissertation help, I used https://edubirdie.com/dissertation-help for this. It was only with outside help that I was able to enter an elite school. Trust me, it will be hard to study there.


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