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Does job experience look good on college applications?

Hello! I'm a rising junior in a small town located in New Jersey. My dream school is Princeton. However, I haven't taken any rigorous courses except history honors and advanced computer graphics. But, during my freshman year and sophomore year I've been working three part-time jobs to sustain my family's financial needs. My freshman year gpa was a 3.6 and sophomore year was a 4.1 with only one honors class. In my upcoming junior year, I will be taking 2 honors classes and 1 AP course. When applying to colleges should I put all of my three jobs in extracurriculars? Do you think I still have a chance to get admitted without taking a crazy amount of rigorous courses?


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• 2 years ago

Job experience does look good on applications. It’s nice to have but it doesn’t decide if you get in or not. To answer your other question, put your jobs in extracurricular stuff and to answer your last question, you have a chance to get admitted without taking lots of rigorous courses but not a big chance. Those rigorous courses are important and you should have those on your application.

Hope that helps!


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