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Is it OK to drop down to CP in math if I'm taking other hard classes?

I'm currently in Algebra 2 honors as a Sophomore and I am sometimes struggling to get by with a B. I started the year string with an A but got a 70 on the midterm and I'm really starting to struggle with the concepts. I took CP Geometry last year and passed with an A+ and decided to go up a level because the class was way too easy: it was slow, boring, and unchallenging. This year I'm taking all honors (+ APUSH), and next year I plan on taking Honors English, Honors Chinese, plus AP Bio, AP Modern world, and AP Econ. This is a pretty big workload as it is, and as someone who doesn't want to pursue a degree in a math related topic (and is generally pretty terrible at math), should I drop down to CP Precalc next year? I'm just worried that it will negatively affect my chances at getting into more competitive schools even if I get a good grade in the class, but I also know that taking Honors math again next year would overwhelm me even more in combination with the AP classes and probably hurt my GPA (more than it's already been with math this year ugh). I'm just kind of stuck and I'm feeling a lot of pressure to stick with Honors from my friends, family, and honestly from myself despite me not really caring about math at all. My teacher hasn't offered me a recommendation yet but even then I'd still feel conflicted. I also plan on taking AP Computer Science A senior year (the prerequisites for this class being only a suggested B- or higher in Alg 2 honors, which I have), and I wonder if taking CP Precalc would hurt that goal. Should I drop down or persist?

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9 months ago

If you feel that dropping to regular precalc next year is best for you, then I say go for it. I'm currently a junior taking precalc honors (I was basically in your position last year) and I am not very good at math, so I can confidently say it is very hard, for me at least. I am probably going to drop to regular stats next year since I think getting an A in a regular math class looks better than getting a C or low B in honors math, especially if the colleges know you aren't even going to major in a math related field or anything like that. I say drop to regular if it will make you feel better about your workload from other classes next year. I am taking 7 APs along with honors precalc this year and I think it says something that I am handling the 7 APs better than I am the one honors math class. So, from one person who struggles in math to another (don't mean that in a bad way), I would suggest dropping to regular if you really, really feel it is the best choice. Your junior year is super important and if you think you can fly through regular precalc with an A and still get really good grades for other honors and APs, then it is probably worth the perpetual dullness of regular math. Hope my lengthy answer can be at least a bit of help, feel free to ask more if needed.

10 months ago

I think it is totally okay to drop down a math level. If you are worried about a drastic drop in your GPA, there is no need to worry because one weighted class to an unweighted class will maybe change your GPA by .05-.1. When you have an advanced courseload, having one regular class won't do much harm. My sister never took honors classes and got into Wisconsin Madison for med. My mother got into Northwestern for her Masters degree and for the most part took all regular classes.

Extra cirriculars help too. I think that in the long run, it is worth dropping down because if you begin to struggle with that class too much, it can hurt your mental health if you begin to get down on yourself. That can also drop grades in other classes. I personally think for your mental health and overall grades if it is that much of a struggle and hard for you to keep up with I think you should listen to your heart and drop it. Again, it won't be much of a loss.

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