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How can I improve my chances into getting in my dream schools?


I am currently a sophomore in HS. I take all honors and AP classes and my weighted GPA is above 4.0. I want to go into nursing, more specifically anesthetics. I also do Track and XC in the Fall/Spring, and I have a part time job. I will be joining NHS next year. The lowest final grade I have ever gotten was a B+ in Honors Geometry last semester (I had a horrible teacher, it was a really hard class.)

I know Duke, UCLA, USD, Emory, and Miami all have good nursing programs. The thought of getting into Duke would be absolutely amazing, and although I am an optimist, I don't know if it is a realistic/ideal goal. Going somewhere with warm weather is important for me, because I really hate rain and the cold. I couldn't go somewhere like Seattle.

Any suggestions on colleges?

Am I on a good track to getting in or is there something I need to improve?


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Your "stats" actually look excellent. The only thing I would suggest is joining maybe one more activity and attempting to gain a leadership position, either in the new activity or in one of your current ECs. If you want to boost your portfolio further, you could gain some volunteer hours or join a club (such as a Med Club) to show your interest in a nursing career.

In terms of colleges, your list should be composed of:

-Reach Schools (hard to get into, for example, Duke)

-Target Schools (goal schools, for example, Miami)

-Safety Schools (easy to get into, for example, USD)

Other colleges you might be interested in would include:

-UC Santa Barbara

-Eckerd College

-UNC Charlotte

-USC Beaufort

-Georgia State University

-Texas A&M

-Arizona State University

-University of New Mexico

I wish you luck in your continued college journey! Have a good day!

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