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How does the transition from undergrad to grad school work?


I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree through an online college while I work. The online college has a National accreditation.

Once I graduate within three years time, I would like to pursue a Master's degree full-time and on campus. I have looked at schools that offer the Master's program that I would like to pursue but all of these schools have Regional accreditation.

Correct me if I am wrong but when I transfer to this college with my completed Bachelor's degree, all of the credits earned would need to be transferred from the online college to the Master's program college or am I completely off the mark here?

I've read that National accreditation is difficult to to transfer to Regional accreditation while searching whether or not a university will accept my online campus diploma for their Master's program.

I would like to know how the process of transitioning from undergraduate to graduate school actually works so I can be better prepared in the future.

Thank you for any and all help or insight that you can offer in this matter.

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4 years ago

Hi there! This site is mainly for high school students applying to college, so that may be why you haven't gotten any responses yet. In your situation, it's probably best to ask the specific schools you're interested in. I'm not sure what you mean by credits transferring, as Master's programs are completely separate programs. There should be no need to transfer credits. It's possible that they won't recognize or accept an online degree, however, so you should make sure they will. Good luck!

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4 years ago

Master's programs are completely separate programs in the US. You won't need to transfer any undergrad credits, but it's possible that there will be prerequisite courses you should take in your undergrad years.

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