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Can my chances of getting accepted into a 4 year school increase if my senior year grades improve

Hello, so I am currently a senior in high school with a 2.5 (2.6 weighted) Cumulative GPA.

From trimester one to trimester two I managed to raise my cumulative gpa from 2.4 to 2.6

I was wondering if I am able to raise my cumulative GPA throughout the rest of my senior year, and possibly get it up to a 3.0 would my chances of getting into college increase? or rather is it still possible for me to get into a 4 year college or university by the end of my senior year if I manage to do this, or would I be better going off to a community college and maintain a good GPA there and then transfer to a 4 year?

I am adamant on the fact that my GPA is not indicative of what I am capable of, and I feel that raising my GPA by a noticeable amount throughout my senior year would be a compelling reason for my chances of getting into a good college to increase, Just to give you all an idea of a college that I would like to go to would be the University of Minnesota Twin cities which typically accepts students with GPAs of 3.48-3.91

I realize that this kind of sounds insane but please be brutally honest I want to know what the best and most realistic course of action that I should take

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Your chances of acceptance to a 4-year college would greatly increase if you got your GPA up to a 3.0. It is realistic to get accepted to decent schools with a 3.0, so long as your other application components are above average.

"Brand name" state schools such as UMN-Twin Cities would be challenging for you to get accepted to, but certainly not impossible. Less selective state schools and private schools would be the best fit. You can find the ideal colleges to apply to by using CollegeVine's chancing engine and school search tools.

Hope this helps!

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Your chances would absolutely massively improve if you got your GPA up to a 3.0. Admissions counselors like to see an upward trend (and especially at the end of senior year when lots of students' grades decline because of senioritis).

In your college essay you could explain why you feel that your GPA doesn't reflect your capabilities. A lot of students have to work, or have had something traumatic happen, have family issues or are simply focused on other areas of their life. It's not abnormal for great students to have other priorities in high school, and colleges recognize this. A good way to insist that you're still academically strong despite your GPA is getting high standardized test scores and really good letters of recommendation.

If you're set on a specific school and not really a specific major, apply with a major that isn't super competitive. It's way harder to get into the school you want to go to with a major that is very popular. Plus, you can always try to switch programs later on if you decide you want to do something else! Either way, you still have a good shot of getting into college if you show your commitment.

Best of luck to you!

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