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How do I make my passion for photography stand out?

I'm a rising junior and I've been doing photography for almost 6 years, ever since I was 9 years old! I have 60 main photos that I'm really proud of. Some of my photography/artwork was published on my school's literary magazine and it was also on my school's art show and art exposition. I was also the photographer for my community service based club. I was thinking about starting a blog but how can I prove to Ivy League schools such as Princeton that it is something I'm very serious about. How can I expand my passion?

I was thinking about taking advanced photography my junior year but I also want to show my interest in STEM by taking vex robotics and computer science. Especially, since photography is my hobby. Any advice?


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Enter photography contests - a strong placement in one or more could benefit your application significantly. Particularly if it's a national or international accolade as well. However, even regional competitions are a considerable achievement to consider placing on a college application. A contest you can enter off the top of my head is the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, which I recommend you check out if you haven't already.

Just show that your photography is a craft that you really are skilled at and passionate about! As long as you demonstrate that commitment and that achievement, you'll be in good shape.

Another course of option that I recommend you take as well is get your pictures published in respectable magazines or newspapers - if you can get pictures of yours in somewhere like the New York Times, Time Magazine, Vogue, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, The LA Times or The Guardian, this can offer you a huge advantage in the admissions process.

As for your course dilemma, that depends on which major you're planning on applying to and your interests. Are you planning on applying as a prospective STEM major? If yes, you can consider vex robotics and computer science but you don't necessarily need to take them both depending on what you want to major in. If you're really passionate about photography (which it seems you are,) I'd recommend opting for Advanced Photography and selecting the STEM course you're more interested in taking/is more related to your major plan.


2 years ago

To answer your first question, I think starting a blog is a wonderful way to show to colleges you are serious about photography. Maybe you can even post your photos on social media to show you’re serious. To answer your second question, if I were you, I would take advanced photography while showing interest in STEM to show you are well rounded. Show off all your talents!


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