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I've been deferred from USC and I need some advice...

USC deferred basically every single person who applied for early action this year. I wanted to ask if I still had any chance of being admitted or if should I look at attending another school I've already been accepted to.

Here are my stats:

- 3.6 UW GPA overall (On my mid-year transcript submitted, I got a 4.13 W GPA and a 3.9 UW).

- 4 Years of HS Ice Hockey (1 year JV and 3 years Varsity)

- 4 Years in Marching Band (2 Years in a leadership position)

- 4 Years in Concert Band (2 years in highest band)

- 4 Years in Jazz Band (2 years in highest band)

- Homecoming King

- 200 Volunteer Hours at Pasadena Homeless Services

My essay was pretty good and was reviewed by a college admissions counselor that I worked with on my applications. I applied under the Business of Cinematic Arts major and my 2nd choice was BA with a focus on Marketing.

I've been admitted to my safeties and targets and am currently only interested in:

- Cal Poly Pomona

- U of O

- Chapman University


I'm still also waiting to hear from UCs, UW, SDSU, and CP SLO

Do I still have a chance of being admitted? I'm currently trying to decide on this as I want to put down my housing deposit so I live on campus for some of these schools rather than at a rented-out hotel like some of these schools due to their overflowing capacity. Thanks so much!


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a year ago

I would say that you have a chance of being admitted, since USC is likely in the upper target range for you. No matter what happens, you should be able to wait until May 1st to commit to a school and submit any deposits. Nearly all colleges set their enrollment deadline to this date.

Accepting an offer of admission or paying a deposit before May 1st will not give you any advantage. The housing selection process begins after you choose to enroll, and freshmen are almost always required to live in on-campus housing. I would advise you to wait until all of your admissions decisions come out before you make a choice about USC or pay a deposit.

Let me know if your circumstances are different than what I described. Hope this helps!

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