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Senior year advice?

I’m a junior right now looking into selective colleges (Uchicago is my top choice) and I’m having trouble deciding between AP Physics C and AP Psychology for Senior year. Here are the other classes I’m planning on taking:

Multivariable Calculus (Dual Enrollment)

Engineering 1 and 2 (Dual Enrollment)

AP Physics 2

AP English Lang

Chamber Orchestra

Ceramics 1

Spanish 4 (Dual Enrollment)

I’m worried my courseload might make me seem too STEM heavy even though I am looking to go into stem, or one dimensional but im not even sure that’s something admissions officers care about?

What do you think?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Asu636a year ago

It’s worth noting I have no problem with difficult classes and I really am interested in both classes, it’s not solely for college admissions

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a year ago

Hi @Asu636!

Most schools like to see AP Physics C if you're a STEM applicant. If you are really interested in AP Psychology, I'd take it and replace AP Physics 2 with AP Physics C. That way, you're neither missing out on physics nor on psychology.

If you want to take both AP Physics 2 and AP Physics C, that's up to you. Admissions officers aren't particularly picky about a one-dimensional courseload. High school graduation requirements include a well-rounded curriculum. UChicago recommends at least 3 years of social science in high school, so if you haven't completed those, you should definitely AP Psychology.

Hope this helps!

a year ago

At this point either would be impressive. If you have already scored high on AP Physics A and B, Ap Physics C would just mean getting out of classes even further in Physics College courses. Within my school, Ap psychology is highly recommended for how both interesting as well as easy AP courses for ending senior year.

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