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Is being the president and founder of debate club in senior year and lead role in drama and a school quiz winner enough?

So I am an Indian student in Mumbai, the club culture isn't very famous In india but in my final year I have founded a debate club and I am also the president of the club

,since, I have attended a lot of MUNS, I am also really interested in them. I also won a school level science math competition, I have also represented my school at around 4 quizzes. I was also the lead role in the school drama . I also recently completed two very challenging online courses on trading ( this course was meant for professianals in the trading fueld.) and banking( MITX). My average percentage throughout high school was 92-93%, I expect to get around 1460-1510 on my sat, my teachers also hold me in high regard and will be writing a good recommendation letters , do you think I have a chance at colleges like Harvard, UC Berkeley, Stanford and other top eco-finance colleges in the us and uk if I will be applying for financial aid and will applying for financial aid hurt my application especially due to the pandemic.

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I forgot to mention ive been playing table tennis recreationally for 4 years but I guess it doesn't matter and to pass time I learn card tricks.

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So the schools you mentioned are not easy at all for asian born students and it would comedown to a coin flip coupled with amazing essays and rec letters. But schools that are not as competitive such as San Diego St, U Oregon, Wash St are likely to be safety-target schools for you and is not coin flip based.

Finicial Aid is only fully met by I believe 4-7 schools they are Harvard Yale Princeton Bowdoin and others. I cant remember the rest I don't know about Stanford and no public school is on the list. For UCLA you would have a chance but that is like a 10% chance (Im guessing) so you have a chance but gives are ivies for a reseon and youd likely be better served by applying to less competitive schools.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification.

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The fact your a president and founder shows a lot about you and your dedication, you seem like an A-list student, remember don't be an overachiever but don't be an underachiever also. You'll do great just do your best :)


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