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What do I do for college when I'm abroad?

I'm a sophomore living in Israel and I don't know what activities I should to do stand out on my college applications? I have ideas for my college essays to write that I am writing now so I don't forget, but would I still be able to use them when I apply college when I'm back in the states? Also, I don't know how to earn AP credit or something equivalent while I'm abroad, can anyone help me?

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a year ago

So I may be wrong if this a "trip" as in an exchange program you will likely only benefit especially if you know Hebrew. I can not really advise you on ECs as the culture is just different but do the normal activities that Israeli teens do such as chess soccer etc. For AP either take them when you come back to the states but if that is not possible take the most advanced circulum that is feasible such as honors or accelerated classes as long as you challenged your self as much as you can you are fine. Essays can certainly be used just make sure the info is up to date and have them be saved to the cloud via Google docs or something similar I wouldn't recommend work as that's desktop so just be mindful of how you store the essays

Hope this help and if you have a further question comment.


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