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Hi, I just moved to a new high school on 01/17 and I've had some trouble with the counseling team when it comes to my grade level. At my last school I was classified as a sophomore with 16.5 credits (after the end of sem 1). Fast forward to my first day the counseling team says that they cant classify me with the sophomore class due to the amount of credits I have, I'm a junior, this has overwhelmed me because I had a lot planned as far a SAT prep, resume building etc. But now all of that is put on hold due to this. I don't feel prepared to go to college just yet, I wanted that extra year to acclimate but instead I'm being thrown in the deep end.

Do you have any advice on what I could do to better the situation?

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Hey there @DaTa!

I would just recommend talking to the counseling team about how your old school counted credits. At my school, each semester counts as half of a credit, so I'm assuming your old school counted credits differently because having 16.5 is a lot for sophomore year. If you can figure out how your new school counts credits, you can convert your old information to that method which will probably put you on par with the sophomores at your new school. Of course, if you've taken classes outside of school/harder classes at your old school, the counseling team may think that you're too advanced for their sophomore class. I don't think they're allowed to move you up a class without the permission of your parents/guardians, so if you really don't want to move up, you can talk to them about it.

I've never had personal experience with this, but I hope this helps anyway. I hope everything works out!

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