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How do I make my coursework look better on CollegeVine?

My school does not offer any AP classes or any honors classes anymore, and they offered only a few when they could. I took them when I could, but I can’t anymore, so on CollegeVine my coursework looks really bad. This is greatly impacting my estimated chancing for colleges, I believe, which isn’t a big deal, but I would appreciate a more accurate chancing profile. Is there a place on CollegeVine that I can exempt the importance of the coursework, as my school does not offer these courses?

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Hi @cjaa, this is a great question. Like @crsgo0422 mentioned, we unfortunately do not have a way to omit coursework from the chancing profile at this time. However, this is something I can bring up to our team to see if they can think of a way to omit the coursework while still providing as accurate of chancing as possible.

As for some workarounds on how to solve this @crsgo0422 mentioned some great solutions. Our profile review livestreams are a great way to see where you stand based on your profile and can be very informative even if your profile is not reviewed. You could also add some classes to your profile but that might have the opposite impact on your profile and your chances might be inflated too much. The good news is when you start to apply to colleges for real, admissions officers are going to judge your coursework based on what is available to you at your school. You were able to take some APs and honor classes when they were still available at your school, which is good, and considering those aren't available options anymore most admission officers will probably consider you to have a strong course load.


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