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Where to look research for scholarships available? I have a rising senior and would need to start my research now

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So some great resources are fastweb.com scholarshipsowl and scholarship.com these are all huge scholarship databases but they are tedious to go through but you can find some good ones but they are essays essays and more essays.

Then there is raiseme which through partner institutions you get small nickel dime scholarships you can likely get 200ish on the higher end of things but it’s like trying to find a quarter for a vending machine.

Then there are local/organization scholarship if you/your child is part of National X organization they may have scholarships also some fastfopd places notably have an employee scholarship program. Also there might be a scholarship through the church you attend or another faith based institution.

Then there are the college scholarships provided by the university there are the stat based ones (refer to Wyoming University WUE system for a good understanding) and the competitive ones these include full rides half off tuition etc.

But if you are going into buisness the buisness school likely has significant scholarships just for buisness students. These can likely match the university wide awards. Also if out of state some colleges have stat based awards which give in state tution instead and can bring the costs down significantly.

Hope this helps and comment for clarification if needed I’d be happy to help.

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