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a month ago
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Is it bad to pick a school late?

I'm planning to go to college in the fall and I've managed to narrow down to three colleges, but two of the schools I'm looking at are quite expensive (Dominican of California and UMD). The deadline for scholarships to come out is April 1st, but I was hoping to make a decision more in mid-March. Would it be bad to wait until the last minute to make a decision on which college to go to?

(If you're wondering, the other college I'm considering is LSU, and because I'm in-state it would be affordable. Also, my ACT is a 31, my uw gpa is 3.9, and I have fairly good extracurriculars.)


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1 answer

a month ago

There is no pressure (or rush!) to submit before the deadline. If you haven't received your scholarship offers, you should wait until you receive them and compare your offers with all the information possible. As long as you ultimately inform your schools on-time, you're fine.


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