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2 years ago
Admissions Advice

What are my chances of getting into a BS/MD program?

I am a rising senior in the class of 2021 and I am interested in the medical field and I want to apply to BS/MD programs. I have been committed to becoming a physician for most of my life and I know that BS/MD programs are very competitive to get into, however, I wanted to see what my chances are of getting into one.

These are my stats and ECs:

- 32 ACT score

- 3.85/4.0 UW

- Founder and the treasurer of the American Red Cross Club at my high school

- Internship at a hospital where I got to shadow a doctor and go on clinical rotations

- Volunteered at a hospital for 70+ hours

- Accepted into Johns Hopkins Public Health Leadership Conference during junior year

- 4 years of track and field (grades 9-12; will participate in track and field in senior year too)

- 4 years of choir (grades 9-12; will participate in choir in senior year too)

- 4 years of DECA (grades 9-12; will participate in DECA in senior year too)

- Awarded 1st place in my event at Districts

- 12 Honors classes taken during freshman and sophomore year

- 12 AP classes taken during junior and senior year (AP Math, AP Bio, AP Economics, AP Chemistry, AP French)

Is it possible to get into a BS/MD program with these stats?

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