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a month ago
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What are some business extracurriculars I could do?

I am currently a sophmore in high school and I might want to do business. I do not really know too much about it, but I am interested in marketing. Are there any extracurriculars that look impressive and are valuable to help me learn about business? I am new to it though.


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4 answers

a month ago

Hi, I hope all is well!! I recommend joining DECA. DECA offers many opportunities and will look impressive on college applications especially if you have a lot of involvement in the clubs. Try to get a board position if you're interested :)

a month ago

You could;

1. Take an additional online / college course(s) on Marketing and Business

2. Join the commerce / entrepreneur clubs in your school and take up leadership positions if possible (if there aren't any such clubs, you could create one for a more impressive EC)

3. Join competitions on innovation / marketing / pitch competitions

4. If you're particularly daring, you could start a small business on your own or with a few friends and showcase your marketing skills

5. You could look for internships online or around your local community that would give a more practical feel to handling businesses and marketing

There's a lot of opportunities if you're willing to search for it:) Best of luck for your future!

28 days ago

This CollegeVine blog post lists some business extracurriculars that could be a good fit for you. All of them are great ways to learn about business no matter what your background is. Hope this helps!

a month ago


I don't know if your school offers it, but if it does, definitely look into FBLA or DECA! Both are low commitment business clubs (they have a competition element, but if you don't want to compete you don't have too!) and look great on applications! I joined when I was in 10th grade and do not regret it, currently preparing for the state competition for FBLA and met really great friends along the way!

If your school doesn't offer it, definitely look into some internships or ways to volunteer in the business world. Even if it is really small, it will show you what it's really like working in the field and will give you a new perspective.

I hope this helped!!!


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