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What extracurriculars should I do if I want to pursue Comp Sci at a highly selective institution?

I am currently a sophomore, and I already partake in extracurriculars like

-Varsity Tennis

-Varsity Track and Field

-National Honor Society

-Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society

However, I have no extracurriculars focused on programming or computer science. Will that harm my chances of getting into a highly selective school? If so, what extracurriculars would I benefit from taking to pursue comp sci? Will having a leadership position, such as editor of the school newspaper, make up for the lack of comp sci related extracurriculars?

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Hi, I'm also currently a sophomore. As you know, extracurriculars are very important and one of the crucial factors for college admissions. It's great that you've part of varsity in 2 highly-valued school sports and in Honor Societies. However, to be honest, in order to major in Comp-Sci in a highly selective institution, it would be great if you also partake in Comp-Sci related extracurriculars. You may be facing a lot of pressure in terms of preparing for college, standard exams, AP exams, etc. I get it. But I know for sure that being an editor for the school newspaper is definitely not going to make up for the lack of Comp-Sci related extracurriculars. Computer Science is a very competitive major and it's great that you wish to pursue it. Here's the thing. You're going to face a lot of competition for that major and there are many ways you can stand out from your competitors. First of all, you're not too late. In fact, you're not late at all. I'm assuming that you already took Comp-Sci classes/courses in middle and high school or currently in a Comp-Sci course. (Or at least I hope you plan to) Remember, colleges want to see your interest and passion in academics, sports/art/language, and also career choice. As a sophomore looking into pursuing Computer Science too, I can understand what you're thinking. Regarding activities related to Comp-Sci, you can try for: volunteering and internships (if you're old enough) at start-up companies, join Comp-Sci club, sign up for coding competitions, gain experience in the field, talk to Comp-Sci teachers at your school, make a team with other people in your friends circle who also want to do Computer Science, create a new kind of CS club, make a CS podcast, do CS projects, teach CS to younger kids, do a lot of research, sign up for CS summer programs, take online paid or free CS courses and get credible certificates, etc. There's so much you can do to advance your CS skills and improve your bio. Do what you like and don't take too much stress into your life. You're already doing a lot so that's wonderful. Just keep going. You got this. (like this answer if you appreciate my advice...thank you :)

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