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07/10/2020 at 07:46PM[edited]

does collegevine send our information to schools?

i just got a letter in the mail from a school & i know it's not from college board.

does collegevine send our information to schools? if so, i cannot find an opt-out anywhere. i don't remember ever giving collegevine my address.

@cp83907/10/2020 at 09:53PM

How do you know it's not from college board?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@hiplikeabdullah07/15/2020 at 07:03PM

i use a different name for collegevine & college board. the name on the letter was the name i use for collegevine, not college board.

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07/10/2020 at 10:00PM

collegeboard 10000% is responsible for this. they use Student Search Service which signs you up for emails and promotional stuff from all sorts of colleges, mostly random colleges that you normally wouldn’t have put yourself on the mailing list for. collegeboard also has access to your student profile at your high school, which has your address connected to it, which is why other colleges know where you live. (no, collegevine doesn’t send this stuff to colleges) if it’s a school you routinely get emails/info cards from then look at how to “unsubscribe” on one of their emails. then, they’ll stop sending you information.

07/10/2020 at 09:51PM

Most likely it is just the university trying to reach out to potential students. I get these letters/advertisements all the time in the mail and I know for sure I have not given any organization (College vine etc) my address.

It might also be from past experiences (college fairs, counseling events, etc) when they thought you would be interested int heir school so they are reaching out to you now to see if you still are.

In general, it is very common to receive letters in the mail from universities telling you about their university.

Hope this helps!

07/10/2020 at 09:34PM

CV does not sell info in anyway. I’ve been using CV since around early April. They do not sell information and I have never received emails from schools I have added to my list much less non list schools. Also there is no way to put your physical address on CV so paper mail is impossible. I would think you’d likely gotten it from the CommonApp as I have recieved stuff after I connected with a school there.

TL DR likely from another source as CV doesn’t sell data and there is no way to add your address.

07/10/2020 at 09:01PM[edited]

It looks like they don't share your information with colleges. Their privacy policy says that they mostly keep data to themselves. The only exception is this: "CollegeVine uses third party vendors to perform operational functions related to the CollegeVine Sites. Some of these vendors (e.g., marketing automation vendors, email vendors or hosting providers) may have access to your personally identifiable information, but only as necessary to provide services to CollegeVine. CollegeVine has agreements in place with these vendors requiring them to keep your information confidential and use reasonable data security measures to protect it." If you would like to opt out of this you can email

As for your letter, my guess would be you allowed another program, maybe ACT, AP, or SAT, to share your address with colleges.

@DebaterMAX07/10/2020 at 09:29PM

AP is college board but other websites such as capes and if I remember correctly niche do sell info

07/14/2020 at 02:23PM[edited]

Hi @hiplikeabdullah, at CollegeVine we don't collect your street address or sell your personal contact information to colleges. As part of our mission, we always aim to be on the side of students and parents. Thanks so much for using CollegeVine!

- Johan, CollegeVine co-founder

[🎤 AUTHOR]@hiplikeabdullah07/15/2020 at 07:01PM

my collegevine account is under a different name than my college board account. the letter i received was under the name i used for collegevine, which is how i know the letter was not through college board. does collegevine share our information with college board? for my collegevine & college board account, i used my school email which is tied to my address.

07/16/2020 at 02:07AM

No, we do not share any of your information with the College Board!