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07/10/2020 at 09:55PM

Platforms for free college mentoring

I was wondering if there were any platforms online that can pair you up with a live mentor to help assist your college application process? If possible, please include links.

Thanks in advance!!

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07/10/2020 at 10:08PM

So no live mentors are really “free” but great free college resources are of course Collegevine as the blogs are super useful and you can always ask questions here to get answers. Then for how to fill out application look Iris Fu up on YouTube her video about CommonApp is currently the best I know of. Also supertutortv on YouTube also has good resources but is more broad.

Hope this helps!

@DebaterMAX07/10/2020 at 10:09PM

Also you might be able to get a HS counselor to help you or if that’s not possible a teacher who you have good relationships with are great especially English teachers as they can check your descriptions

07/10/2020 at 09:58PM

all i know is College Essay Guy has a free mentorship program if your family earns 50,000 or less a year (otherwise his mentorship program is something you have to pay for)… other than that, most if not all college advisors are paid, sorry :,( i’m sure there are some that i don’t know about but pretty much all college mentors are not free, so what you’re looking for is not going to be professional quality. you honestly can also reach out to your support system at school or even get in touch with an admissions officer at either a college you’re interested in or a local community college.

@cp83907/11/2020 at 02:43AM

CollegePoint and Matriculate are a couple more free ones for low income people but generally the only free things are for low income people.

07/11/2020 at 11:44PM

There's a really great guy named Ethan Liebross. He has helped me a lot and only charges $30 for a one hour session. The first session is free too. Here's his linkedin:

If you want to get in touch with him I can give you his email