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How do I start a blog?

Hello, I've been doing photography for quite a while already and I'm very interested in starting a blog. How do I begin? How do I make sure my photography doesn't get stolen? How impressive is this to college admissions? Where can I mention it?


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Accepted Answer
• 2 years ago

So I currently have a blog it’s through google sites and is completely free but I don’t have a custom url but that’s Fina as it isn’t commercial it’s a digital “diary” but if you want something more complicated/in depth Wordpress is the market leader.

Also there is no way to 100% protect it but a way is to “watermark” it by essentially going into a editor google draw works and essentially have a “signature/initial” saying Ail.Xo and then it would have to be photoshopped to remove it. And if you are super worried which I wouldn’t be (Who steals a student work on a site not known) if it ever becomes viral you have it on a website and it can be tracked when it was posted.

A blog to colleges is a show of commitment and if you have 200 pages/pictures that shows dedication/passion and you care about that. It may not be impressive to Admissions officer 1 but to AO 2 it can be very impressive so no real answer though it depends on traffic/commitment.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification.


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