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How much weight do Model UN awards (national and international) carry?

Alright, I'm panicking a bit now about my achievements, but perhaps illogically. For context, my dream schools are Stanford and Harvard, both deeply selective institutions. In my application, I am counting on one of my biggest draws to be the various 1st and 2nd place awards I have won at national and international Model UN/Congress conferences (like Harvard Model Congress Boston). However, despite being national/international awards, I am not sure if these awards actually carry much weight, especially in comparison to debate tournaments. There simply are a lot more Best Delegate awards to go around. I am a junior now so it is a bit late to switch, but please let me know if these awards will still look impressive to an Ivy League Admissions Office. Of course, I intend to supplement my MUN experience with other ECs, but this is my big activity (hopefully Tier 1) in terms of "competitions." Please let me know if my freaking out is justified or not.


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Your national and international conference wins will carry quite a bit of weight in the admissions process. They are definitely between Tier 1 and 2, and since most applicants do not have national or international awards in general, they will help you stand out. Even though MUN is a common EC, it is also not common for applicants to have your level of achievement in it. Paired with other Tier 1-3 ECs - especially a few that demonstrate a spike - your awards will help you be a competitive applicant as far as your activity list goes. Hope this helps!

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