2 years ago
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Will me having a poem published in a book/online make me more appealing to colleges also I'm a member of NSHSS?

I have a poem that was actually put into a book, and is currently on Poem Nations website, also I'm a member of NSHSS will that make them look at me more closely?


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2 years ago

Oh, Honey. The NSHSS is not worth anything. You threw away that money. Since their criteria for recruitment is so broad, being in them will not help you. The National Honor Society, on the other hand, has this selectivity. Not everyone is going to get into NHS but almost everyone can get accepted into the NSHSS. The fact that it's a pay to enter and the criteria are so broad means it cannot help you. It is also a fairly young organization, so these failings are not made up for with prestige.

As for publishing poetry, if it's related to your major, then do it. Try to get more published work but yes, you can put it down.

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