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What looks the best to colleges in terms of Extracurricular activities?

I have a decent GPA and going to Junior year. I have 100 hours on record for volunteering but I’m really lacking in extracurriculars and I’m looking to see what other things I can do that looks good to colleges, more specially, the one I’m aiming for is MIT. I want to stand out but I also want to have enough to show that I am engaged in school activities and communities.

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2 years ago

I feel the need to say this there is no magic extracurricular that will boost your chances exponentially.

But what colleges are looking for are essentially summed up by Leadership Involvement Meaningful and Achievements

Leadership is an officer position that grants responsibility whether over planning events funds or whatever else.

Involvement is extended participation in an activity not just 30 minutes a month it has to meaningful.

Meaningful is essentially you have a passion for it and you aren’t doing it just for college admissions (if you are you should absolutely “cloak” it) if you want to major in engineering you should be part of engineering club not a history but if you love history you can also join a history club but you should get meaningful experience and you should enjoy them.

Achievement is recognition if you compete in your district and you placed top 10 that’s achievement or if you got any acloades.

For ivy caliber schools try to be part of 8-10 ECs and have leadership or strong achievements in 3-5.

For me I have 2 standout that is national circuit debator student board member of youth group but I also have 7 other ECs that aren’t as standout but fit the LAIM acronym.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification.

2 years ago

Colleges look less at what the extra curricular IS and more of what leadership positions you held, how many hours per week were you committed to this extracurricular. An exception to this is if your extracurricular is strongly related to your intended major- they like that too.


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