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How bad does a C hurt me?

Hey I’m a current junior who got a C in Honors Geo first semester sophomore year. The next semester I improved it to a B but I know a lot of colleges see a C as a red flag. My dream school is ND and I’m worried this will be a dealbreaker. Some context about me:

GPA UW: 3.65, Weighted GPA: 4.3

(Will likely be a 4.5 weighted and 3.91 UW after senior year) (At start of senior year likely 4.377 W and 3.71 UW)

Total of 10 B’s and 1 C.

B’s in Honors bio (both sems), Honor English 1(both sems), Geo (2nd sem), French 2 (first sem), AP Econ (both sems), Honors chem (1st sem), AP Physics 1 (first sem)

By the time I’ll be applying I’ll have taken 10 APs and 10 Honors:

AP Micro AP Macro, AP US History, AP Gov, AP Physics 1, AP Stats, AP Calc AB, AP Lit, AP Euro, AP French (AP’s in all 5 categories which i know colleges like)

Honors English 1, 2, and 3

Honors Algebra 2, Honors Geo, Honors Precalc

Honors Bio, Chem

Honors French 3

Honors Western Civ


1. Model UN: (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)

2. Student Council: (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)

3. Investment Club: (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) -Hoping to be leader senior year

4. French Club: (Sophomore, Junior, Senior)

5. Student Ambassador (Sophomore, Junior, Senior) - I take shadows and show them around the school and try to get them to come here

6. Tutor (Sophomore, Junior, Senior) - I tutor classmates in subject I excel in

7. Write Place (Junior, Senior) - I tutor classmates on their essays

8. Shield (Junior, Senior) - Help freshman integrate into school (orientation + meeting with them throughout the year

9. Hockey: Jv (freshman), jv captain (sophomore), Jv captain (junior)

10. Lacrosse: Jv (freshman), Jv captain and double rostered (soph) - Likely will make varsity this year and potentially be a captain senior year

I’ve attend Notre Dame Vision, I’m applying to Notre Dame Leadership Seminars (prestigious) and Notre Dame Summer Scholars (prestigious but not as much)

I also have 3 family members within my immediate family who have attended the University of Notre Dame.

I’m a pretty good essay writer as well and as for ACT I’m aiming to get a 33 or higher and I’m taking it soon. (Plus a lot of my schools super-score including ND)

Just to reiterate, I want to know how negatively the C as well as my 10 B’s hurt my chances of getting into ND or other schools like BC, BU, and Northeastern. Please let me know. Thanks!


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One C will not have any significant negative effects on your chances. Admissions officers take into account that some classes are more challenging than others, and a myriad of other circumstances could cause a hard working student to get a C in one class. You can explain these circumstances in the Additional Information section. C's only start to be seen as an issue if you get two or more. Your overall UWPGA is more important than individual grades.

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Hope this helps!

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