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Physics and EE double major possibility?

Yes, this is not necessarily an admissions question, but I figure I might ask here as it is a fairly helpful community. I am at an impasse in my college application process. I cannot, for the life of me, decide between physics and electrical engineering. I've ran through almost all the employment data I can get my hands on. Indeed EE offers somewhat greater pay, and more security, but physics is more congruent with what I want out of my education, I love to discover and learn more than I like creating and designing (though I do like creation). An EE degree shuts off the path of discovery, as it's most economically viable to enter the industry with a EE bachelors than to continue EE education. It is almost expected that you continue to more learning after a physics undergrad. I have thought of a solution to my dilemma, though I don't know how realistic it is. I could do double major in Physics and EE (or some other combination of the two) such that a physics MA or other higher education is not closed off. I have no idea how I would move forward with this in admissions. Application-wise, it's not unthinkable; I have a 1570 SAT, a 3.9 unweighted GPA, and plenty of 5s on AP exams to knock out unnecessary classes. I should also have Multivariable Calc and Diff Eq knocked out by the end of highschool. I just don't know how I would express this intention to colleges or how I would even go about this.

Any words, advice, or comments are helpful. Thank you.

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The best option for you may be to major in physics and minor in EE. This way, you could have the intellectual freedom to discover all sorts of topics in physics, while honing in on employable EE knowledge. Most schools would let you do an additional minor as well.

Double majoring in physics and EE is certainly possible, and it would make you a more competitive and unique candidate in the job market. Learning how to think using separate physics and EE mindsets will improve your creativity in the workplace as well - most of your coworkers will only have mastered one way of thinking.

Double majoring does have its downsides though - namely, the large number of core requirement classes you would have to complete to do it. You may not be able to graduate in four years as a double major depending on the school. Completing one major and one or two minors is easier to complete without taking extra time, and is a possibility at more colleges than double majoring.

Hope this helps!

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