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I got deferred from Harvard and I need help

I got deferred from Harvard and I need to do everything to get in.

I took a gap year, my 12th-year grades are terrible as i faced many difficulties that year which i will be writing them about it in a separate letter. but all the other years my grades were pretty good and i was in the most prestigious school in my country.

i have a lot of achievements and extracurriculars in tech and art, and have won some small awards for filmmaking.

my linked in profile is pretty strong, i have many people from big tech companies in my connection and even a realtor celebrity.

i also have a certificate from an online course offered by google and am attending a yale, Stanford and google course alongside with CS50, on all of which over been getting amazing grades.

i am writing a letter of interest, how affective is that?

how high are my chances? i need to get accepted more than you think. i would appreciate any assist.


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Writing a letter of continued interest is the only thing you can do to increase your chances. For that reason, it is an effective step to take now that you are deferred. This CollegeVine blog post has tips on how you can write a compelling letter of continued interest.

Being deferred from Harvard already means that your chances of getting accepted are good. You will be evaluated in the Regular Decision applicant pool, which is less competitive than the EA pool. Your chances will be the same as RD applicants at around 3%.

Hope this helps!

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