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What a CRAZY HULU documentary about Sarah Lawrence. Anyone else hear about what is going on at Mason Gross / Rutgers? Hauntingly similar! Anytime anyone mentions it to me, it is "hush hush" and whispered! ....but WOW....thankfully, I won't be going THERE!

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a year ago

I have not seen this documentary, but I will definitely watch it. I am always afraid of what is going on around me through closed doors.


a year ago

Interestingly my dad once lived in Bronxville NY as a young person out of college and said he dated a girl from Sarah Lawrence. Even way back then it was like a college of odd balls and misfits, many of whom were eccentric, entitled, and wealthy. His friend live in Greenwich CT in a mansion and drove a Volvo station wagen. They would drive to NYC and her left foot would be on the A-pillar (the edge where the windshield meets the left window) and smoke cigs and still manage to get them there and back in one piece. She dressed sort like a female version of Tom Wolfe with white linen pants and spectator shoes (look that up). When she was bored she would call him from the bathtub. He said this is documentary is exactly like Sarah Lawrence was and is today.


a year ago[edited]

That's quite interesting. I looked up the documentary and I definitely will watch it, I think it's something everyone should try to see. Not only that, but I believe this documentary will educate upcoming and current college students to be aware of their surroundings and people. I haven't heard anything about what's going on at Mason Gross/ Rutgers though. And what @CameronBameron said is quite interesting as well. Honestly, what a crazy world we live in.


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