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Will graduating early impact my admission chance for the Ivy League?

Hey ya'll!

I am currently trying to decide on whether or not to try and graduate a year early, where I would move from graduating in the Class of 2025, to the Class of 2024, and I would apply to colleges the year that I graduate.

Currently, it looks like if I graduate a year early, I will be top 5 in the class rankings for the Class of 2024, so my ranking/academic standing won't change much, since I pretty much took a 9th grade course load when I was in 8th grade.

My main concern is whether or not it would impact my admissions to colleges, namely Princeton, Brown, Yale, etc....

I feel like my extracurriculars are decent, but I still question whether or not they are good enough for the Ivy League's standards.

I am the President of the Asian Students Association at my school, will be the President of the Regional Asian Youth Organization in my area next year, possibly the President of the Social Studies National Honor Society, and I have also gone to Taiwan last summer on full scholarship with the NSLI-Y Program. Plus I am trying to apply to the Senate Page Program for the Summer.

Oh, and as a note, I am thinking about taking a gap year after graduating with the NSLI-Y Academic Year Program to Taiwan, so I will most likely need to defer for a year if I do that, or always apply for colleges during the gap year.

Thank you so much for the help ya'll!

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I have been wondering the same thing as well!

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Graduating one year early will not have a significant impact on your chances. There are two concerns that colleges have with early graduates - one is that they may not be mature enough for the college experience, and the other is that they could use more time to improve their ECs.

Colleges will very likely not have either of these concerns with you. Your participation in NSLI-Y demonstrates that you have more maturity than average. Paired with your other ECs, it is clear that you are already achieving as much as you can in high school as well. Taking the NSLI-Y gap year would only make your profile even more impressive if you decide to do it.

Hope this helps!

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You should do what you think is best for you. This is sound advice, as you are the one who knows your own goals, strengths, and circumstances best.

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All of the information I’ve gleaned from it basically has been quite useful, and I’d for the most part want to generally commend you on really your abilities, actually contrary to popular belief. quordle

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I feel that you should do what you think is best for you. It will be awesome if you graduate in the year 2024 because you could get into a better college depending on your grades and the things you've done in high school. I also think that your extracurriculars are so good if you want to get into those colleges that you've named. I also think that is you were to take a gap year after graduating that it would be best if you do apply for colleges in the mean time.

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