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Does it help my application that I'm homeschooled and travel? How do I build up my extracurriculars while travelling?

Hello, I'm a freshman in high school years! So, I have been wondering, does it look better on college apps that I'm homeschooled or not? I also travel the world with my family full-time, which kind of makes it difficult to build up my extracurriculars when we don't stay in one place for more than a month. Does that even matter as long as I have fantastic scores on my ACT and SAT?

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Being homeschooled itself is a positive on your application, since it will make you more unique in the applicant pool. However, homeschooling can potentially come with the downside of not being able to take AP or IB classes. Having a high SAT or ACT score will make up for a lack of course rigor, but it does not make up for a lack of extracurriculars.

The best way to build up your extracurriculars while traveling would be to do activities at home. Self-directed activities and online activities can be just as impressive as in-person ECs. Try to build friendships and have adventures in every place you stay too - that could be an activity on its own, and the stories you will gain will be great material for application essays.

Hope this helps!

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