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Should I join a sport in my junior year?

Hello, I’m going to be a rising junior and I’ve been wanting to join a sport since my freshman year. However, I couldn’t because I was working three jobs and my mental health wasn’t okay.

I’m thinking about trying cross country. But, some of the girls there don’t like me and I’m scared that colleges will think I’m doing this for college applications.

I’ve loved running ever since I was in second grade but I’m afraid that I won’t be able to be dedicated to it.


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4 years ago

So first of all do you have the time and would you need to stop doing something so you can do cross country chase if so you should LIKELY not join.

Also sports is fundamentally a fun competition so especially if you apply yourself you shouldn’t be seen as doing it for colleges. By itsleft it would not directly help you as you aren’t likely to be recruited for it.

And as I said sports is supposed to be fun and if your “teammates” are not making you enjoy it you shouldn’t do it. Also if you aren’t dedicated to it (or think you will be) I wouldn’t recommend it at all.

Also running can be done by itself XC is not needed to show an interest in it you might want to look at track? If you are interested in competitive running.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification.

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2 years ago

1st sports will take away your time but they give you many things in return

2nd ignore the girls they don't care about anyone but themselves

3rd you don't need dedication in a high school sport you just need to participate.

I just joined football this year, I barely knew anything at the start of the season but now I'm teaching the sophomores how to play varsity.

football season is over and I assure you joining a sport is worth it.

it gives you something to add to resumes and college applications . on top of teaching teamwork and camaraderie, sports forges bonds that can't be broken, friends you can't forget. I wasn't good at football but I came to learn and play. you don't have to be good at something to gain something from it. most of my team hated me at the start of that season but I worked harder pushed myself to be better kinder more accepting and it paid off.

colleges are looking for a jack of all trades not a master of one. joining a sport on top of extracurriculars and regular classes make you look more appealing in the process.

I'm here to give advice

my advice is to go for what you want

i have no control over you

but try to get outside your comfort zone it will help you in the long run

by jumping into a situation that is uncomfortable you gain the need to get out, which gives you the drive to do great things. the girls bothering you? beat them in XC over and over until they stop, show them you are the better person, show them they have no right to talk down to someone above them

join the sport i promise you you wont regret it

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