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Should I join a sport in my junior year?


Hello, I’m going to be a rising junior and I’ve been wanting to join a sport since my freshman year. However, I couldn’t because I was working three jobs and my mental health wasn’t okay.

I’m thinking about trying cross country. But, some of the girls there don’t like me and I’m scared that colleges will think I’m doing this for college applications.

I’ve loved running ever since I was in second grade but I’m afraid that I won’t be able to be dedicated to it.


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So first of all do you have the time and would you need to stop doing something so you can do cross country chase if so you should LIKELY not join.

Also sports is fundamentally a fun competition so especially if you apply yourself you shouldn’t be seen as doing it for colleges. By itsleft it would not directly help you as you aren’t likely to be recruited for it.

And as I said sports is supposed to be fun and if your “teammates” are not making you enjoy it you shouldn’t do it. Also if you aren’t dedicated to it (or think you will be) I wouldn’t recommend it at all.

Also running can be done by itself XC is not needed to show an interest in it you might want to look at track? If you are interested in competitive running.

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification.

I totally agree thank you for your feedback! Also, many successful applicants (Ivy League students) have done sports for 4 years. What else can I do that will be more impressive than a sport?
What is seen as impressive is the time commitment and passion and few carry it to college level at least I believe so.
May you be more specific? What do you mean “college level”? Also is it okay if I didn’t do many 4 year activities because I had to take care of two siblings?
I can likely make a case for being a regional debator (which I am) as I practice 5+/week and have all day competition and what you gain is more practical such as speaking research etc
Ohhh okok! By the way, is it okay if I didn’t do many 4 year activities because I had to take care of two siblings?
Also city wide plays and by college level I mean as college varsity specifically at D1 and to a lesser degree D2 schools
Ohhh okay, makes sense! By the way, is it okay if I didn’t do many 4 year activities because I had to take care of two siblings?
So family responsibility is an EC but in freshman year I was only part of 2 clubs but sophomores is when I really became EC involved is all 4 years better but Ivies don’t expect 7 great ECs for 4 years
Oh okay great! And in the common app where can I list family responsibility? In the extracurricular section or additional information?
I’m near certain (99.9%) family is an EC I’d have to double check however but you will likely have to say good details/numbers to accurately showcase your experience just saying I cared for 3 siblings after school is not adequate enough for ivies
Also jobs are an EC so even if aren’t part of any of them now if needed they can fill an EC slot
I’ve had 3 jobs and family responsibility. Is it worth listing all of them? Also is there a section where you can list your experiences in volunteering?
So volunteering is a EC category but make sure it is with as single organizations for extended periods of time not a weekend spent volunteering. And jobs and family should likely be added but if you have 11 ECs and 10 slots pick the 2 jobs you had more responsibility at or you liked one better or just worked more there (hours per week is a big factor for ECs) I’d cut a job and add it to the additional family volunteering is the order of most impressive IMO
Then cut a job then volunteering then job 2 then family but even if cut it can and should likely be added to additional info. Also you might be able to add a resume I know coalition supports resumes
Oh okay, that’s understandable! Thank you for your opinion and feedback :) lastly, how long can the additional info be? I’ll also love to include the reason why my freshman year grades were mostly B/B-‘s and why I didn’t take to many honors/ ap courses.
For CommonApp it’s characters based I believe it is 600-2000 chraecters I’m leaning toward 650-750. But spaces and periods count as characters. Check out Iris Fu on YouTube with her filling out common app video I’d recommend that as a resource.
Ok I’ll check it out, thanks! Also I hope you don’t mind telling me but what schools are you aiming for and what extracurriculars have you done? :)
So the hardest one I’m aiming for is Rice UChicago WuStL but mostly I’m focused on midwestern public school such as K St Wisc Madison etc
I debate on the national circuit I run a blog and write fan fiction I’m on youth group students board I’m a religious school teacher assistant Part of youth group organized and ran a carnival
I took a coding class and post lock down I’m probably getting a job and I’m applying for a mentor position at my school and I’m currently a semi finialist
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Only thing I will add is doing a sport is not worth it unless a) you’ve been doing it since you were in elementary school (like 10yrs or younger) or b) you’re going to apply as a recruited athlete. Unless you can do one of those OR get a national ranking it’s not worth your time from an admissions standpoint. Sports are so generic and not a standout extracurricular and often the kids who get accepted to ivys on the basis of sports have been doing it since they were out of the womb. If you wanna do CC for the community aspect, sure go ahead, but my best friend has been doing XC/Track since he was a freshman and it is a MASSIVE time commitment. He barely has time for anything else since (at my school, at least) practice is 6x/week for 3 hours, meets/competitions are a WHOLE DAY once a weekend (usually saturdays) and he basically has one day a week (sunday) to do all of his schoolwork, plus extracurriculars, plus work. It’s not really working out too well for him. I don’t think you should join sports.

I’m also a Junior and I’m currently the captain of my school’s Track and Cross Country team. For starters, joining a sport will take up a lot of your time. My coach and I make it mandatory for our team members to attend practice five times a week for two hours. Of course, this may be difficult because of all the other things we need to juggle to impress our dream colleges. But honestly, if you want to do this, and if it’s a passion of yours, you should do it.