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Role in a team

My question to answer for a supplemental essay is which role out of 5 in a team would you find hard?

To answer this question i am planning to approach with an example of being a leader of school council and how i dealt with those responsibilities, how i found them challenging but would not be difficult for me anymore.

Would it be a right way to answer this quest?



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Hey! So after a quick google search, here are five roles of an effective team: Leader, Creative Director, Facilitator, Coach, and Member. I think leader will most likely be a common answer among applicants and I would recommend thinking about if you'd be able to write about one of the others since that would make your application stand out. For example, you could say you find being a creative director challenging because you prefer to think logically and concretely about the things presented in front of you. You could also say you find being a coach difficult because you are better at seeing the big picture and solving interpersonal disputes/ organizing mass coordination, rather than providing individualized support in topics you might be unfamiliar with.

Basically, you can find a way to say you possess leadership qualities by saying you find roles other than being a leader hard. Don't straight up say that, but imply it more subtly. You also want to show that you have not only strengths but also WEAKNESSES. To me, it seems like they're looking for honesty in what you struggle with. Make yourself look good, but be honest as to what comes less naturally to you. At this point, it would be fair to say what you are doing to compensate for this weakness, but I'd keep it brief.

Personally, I would NOT say team leader or member. Saying team leader is probably going to be common, and saying member makes you seem difficult to work with and a bad team player. Hope this helps!

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