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Which colleges take dual credit from people out of state? I’m planning on only taking dual credit in high school and am wondering which colleges I am able to consider.

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Most colleges generally take out-of-state dual credits, however, it can depend on the institution. Some top colleges/universities that are highly selective don't accept dual credits classes often due to the fact that the courses aren't up to their standard of rigor and difficulty. Some colleges don't look at the credits until after you are admitted and will give credits according to how it matches with their courses. I had this similar problem a while back when I was signing up for next year's courses and I had the chance to take dual credit classes.

I suggest emailing any and all colleges you are interested in and asking if they accept dual credits. You can email them through the email for undergrad admissions or admissions questions because in the end, it will go to their admissions office counselors. Ask them specifically the type of class it is: like 101/102, 110, 201... that sort of thing, the name of the course, and the partnering college it was taken through.

I do know that Duke University will only accept 2 extra credits out of 34 total(yeah, not a lot. They want you to take all of the other credits at the uni regardless of whether you took it before) and WakeForest University will look at credits after you are admitted and will give credits accordingly.

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