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Do I have a chance to an elite school?

Hi, I’m a rising junior and I’m thinking about applying to some elite colleges.


- Hispanic

- First generation

- low income; less than 10k

However, I have 4 B+’s and 2 B-‘s in my transcript. I have an explanation about my low grades. This was in my freshman year. I was dealing with a family loss, I was working three part time jobs and my sister had a major depression disorder. I also had to take care of two siblings. It was really difficult but I tried to keep my grades average. Then, my sophomore year I got all straight A’s except one B in geometry. The academics in my school aren’t the best, they are ranked a C.

Do I still have a chance to get into Princeton University?


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a year ago

I bet that if you write an amazing essay related to the struggles you faced taking care of your family and working in your freshman year, how you turned it around, etc, I bet you would have an pretty good chance at Princeton. College admissions people must understand why your grades were the way they are, and all things considered, they aren't bad at all. Your SAT score could also play a role. It might be helpful to join clubs and get a leadership role (unless you are continuing to work and won't have enough time) related to your passions.


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