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I'm showing my friend certain colleges. His dream school is the University of Miami but how accurate is the chancing?

So here are his stats: He has a 3.67 unweighted and a 30 ACT. He has played soccer/badminton for 2 years each(he's a rising senior). He designed a website with a friend that raised 1300 dollars for frontline workers to keep them safe, he joined a red cross club and was a secretary, helped serve under privileged/income communities through an Indian organization for about 30-45 hours, he also volunteered at second harvest for 30+ hours, and these two are hobbies so I don't know what value they carry(reading/building legos) I put tier J/C respectively. Oh and he wants to pursue a biological science/some health related major. Also he lives in California. So based on that the calculator said he has a 90-92% chance at his UM. I feel that it doesn't seem that accurate for him. He falls in the Asian category. Thoughts anyone?

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Uh which Miami FL or OH?

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Ah also his C tier lower it to D or F as C is only for international awards or very prestigious accolades.

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Look at the comment above as I edited it

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So for Miami FL his gpa is average and ACT is still in the middle but he has a lack of leadership positions and that may get him not admitted as Miami FL only has a 32% admit rate his intangibles such as race and geography are more or less a very slight boost as Miami FL likely is “over saturated” with Asians applicants but California is a boost. I’d agree with you and his chancing is likely high 50s to high 60s.

As for Miami OH your friend is good on the ACT side and is average on the GPA side and as Miami OH has a 68% admit rate he has a good chance but has lack of leadership but there his chancing is likely in the mid 80s

This is my opinion but I think I’m fairly accurate but hope this helps and comment if you need clarification.

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I'm pretty sure this website factors in race because when I put in my goal SAT score (1500) for schools such as Harvard, Duke, UPenn, Vanderbilt, etc, it gave me an "excellent" rating for my SAT. It stated: "The average SAT score for your demographic is 1240-1350" (varies based on school of course). I'm a black person, so the average SAT/ACT scores are lower than for white and asian students. Therefore, the website must know your friend is Asian if you put that in the calculator, so it should still be accurate. Your friend's activities sound really good, and his GPA is slightly above average for the school (UMiami average unweighted GPA is 3.6). If he knocks his essay out of the park, I would say he has a pretty high chance.


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