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Should I take the SAT essay and SAT subject tests?

The schools on my list are as follows (in order from favorite to least favorite): Duke, Brown, UNC Chapel Hill, University of Pennsylvania, Vanderbilt, Princeton, Harvard/Yale (still deciding between the two), UVA, NC State, and UNC Charlotte. I am considering taking the SAT essay, as well as 2-3 subject tests (Biology, US History, and possibly Spanish). It will require a lot more studying, and I would like to know if it's worth the extra time to prepare. Thank you!

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2 years ago

The common theme just by glancing at your list is that they are competitive and top-tier universities. These admissions officers want to see how you challenge yourself and a lot fo the applicants for these schools have amazing stats and take many APs and such. I feel that if you want a chance to be considered amongst these competitive applicants, you will have to take the essay and subject tests. Also, at the top of my head, I know that at least 4 of these schools require the essay to be taken. If you really want to get into these schools, I think it would be worth it to put in the extra time to study for it.


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