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Should I take the SAT essay and SAT subject tests?


The schools on my list are as follows (in order from favorite to least favorite): Duke, Brown, UNC Chapel Hill, University of Pennsylvania, Vanderbilt, Princeton, Harvard/Yale (still deciding between the two), UVA, NC State, and UNC Charlotte. I am considering taking the SAT essay, as well as 2-3 subject tests (Biology, US History, and possibly Spanish). It will require a lot more studying, and I would like to know if it's worth the extra time to prepare. Thank you!


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The common theme just by glancing at your list is that they are competitive and top-tier universities. These admissions officers want to see how you challenge yourself and a lot fo the applicants for these schools have amazing stats and take many APs and such. I feel that if you want a chance to be considered amongst these competitive applicants, you will have to take the essay and subject tests. Also, at the top of my head, I know that at least 4 of these schools require the essay to be taken. If you really want to get into these schools, I think it would be worth it to put in the extra time to study for it.

Do we have to take the SAT Subject Tests for this admission cycle. I'm registered for October for Physics and Chemistry but it looks like my testing center may cancel due to a spike in COVID cases (from 67 to 7500+) over the past month.
In most colleges, the SAT subject test isn't even required; it's considered just extra material to boost your application and show your dedication to a certain subject. But for elite schools, if the testing center does cancel, these schools won't penalize you for it. They don't require the SAT so I don't think they'll require subject tests as well. Hope this helps. Stay safe! :)
Would it be okay to submit just one score from a test I took last year for Elite Colleges? Like CMU, Harvard, Columbia, Brown etc.
If that score puts you in the best light then I would submit it. In other words, if those scores are relevant to what you want to study at these colleges and are within or above the average score among typical applicants, then submit. Even if your scores aren't the best, I feel that submitting them wouldn't hurt you either. They are simply supplemental scores.
Yeah I think 780 Math Level 2 is good
Yeah, that's a great score! I totally would submit that score.