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what should i do this summer?

For background, I am a junior at a very competitive and highly ranked public school. I will approximately have a 3.7 uw gpa by the end of the year. On my transcipt, it will show that i have taken 7/22 AP classes, 2 (not many offered) IB classes, and 1/3 honors classes. For clubs and activities, I am a competitve dancer (around 30 hours a week) and have won awards, high placements, and scholarships. I am a helper/demonstrater for the younger dancers at my studio, and dance for my high school at the highest level as well. I did a freshmen helping club, work as a ski instructor at a local ski resort, worked as a translater at a language school, and am in national honors society. This summer, I'm planning on doing a summer coding program along with volunteering at a science center (have around 50+ hours in total). I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I should do this summer to improve my chances of getting in to top schools. My hopes are Umich, UCSD, UCSB, and Uwash (in seattle). I plan to major in some form of technology (info science, data analytics, mis, etc.) or maybe a form of social studies.


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Your academics and extracurriculars are very impressive! Since your plans to volunteer at the science center, do the coding program, and continue with dance will already make for a productive summer, I would say that you should use the rest of your free time to prepare for college applications. Here are the most important things to work on:

- Finalize your school list and visit colleges if possible

- Think of which teachers could write you recommendations for your college apps. Making a brag sheet with bullet point summaries of your academics, ECs, and personal qualities will help them. This semester or summer break is a good time to ask teachers if they are willing to be your recommenders.

- Write your Common App personal statement

- Study for the SAT or ACT if your score is not where you ideally want it to be.

- Do some soul searching and think about what you want to major in at college.

Hope this helps!

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