2 years ago
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Why does CollegeVine say I haven't reached the "academic requirements for this school" when I was chancing for Carnegie?

My academic profile: 3.9 Unweighted GPA, 35 ACT (35 English, 36 Math, 33 Reading, 35 Science, 9 IB Courses & 13 Honors courses (max at my school), 3 subject tests: 800 for Math II, 760 for both US History and Physics. Graduation year is 2022.

Anyone know why it says that I haven't reached the minimum academic requirements yet? Thanks!

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2 years ago[edited]

Hey @shreyd,

Thanks for writing in and explaining the results you're seeing about reaching the academic requirements. We are aware of the issue for some students and are in the process of making adjustments to the algorithm, especially now that the admissions process has changed at many schools due to COVID. We expect to release a version that also accounts for this new reality in the coming month.

In the meantime, I'd encourage you to focus on the individual breakdowns (e.g., GPA, ACT, SATII, Coursework) for the schools that you're interested in, and aim to be in the "strong" or "excellent" categories based on your demographic. That will mean you're in pretty good shape! Also, if you'd like your profile reviewed by one of our experts you could always attend a Profile Review livestream. Here's the next one: https://www.collegevine.com/livestreams/details/live_profile_review_session__5982194

Apologies for the inconvenience here. We hope to have the change out soon!


CollegeVine Support

2 years ago

That really shouldn't be the case. I have almost the exact same stats as you and it lists me as a Hard Target so it must be a glitch. You might want to report it to College Vine.


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