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What does it look like to colleges to move from a high ranked school to a lower ranked school?

I've been at a highly national ranked high school for 3 years and have taken 7 AP classes and 6 honors classes, but due to personal reasons Im having to switch to a lower national ranked high school for my senior year and am taking no AP and honors classes because 1) they don't offer ones that I can join at this time and 2) i'm taking a licensed nursing assistant class outside of that high school that is time-consuming and 3) I want a calm senior year. My question is, will my switch to another high school and taking no rigorous courses leave a negative opinion on admissions offices? or is it irrelevant?

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Hello! As long as you're still involved in other ECs, and maintain your GPA, it wouldn't have too much of an impact, since you've already had a pretty rigorous schedule, and have other commitments. As @liv.luv.life suggested, you could still explain your circumstances in the Additional Information section of the common app or in another similar section of your application. Hope this helps and Good Luck!!

This isn't really relevant to your question. How and where do you take a licensed nursing assistant class outside of high school? I've been trying to find something similar but have had no luck. Could you give me some advice if you don't mind? Thank you!!

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If you tell them the extenuating circumstances as to why you had to transfer schools, such as your parents having to move because of jobs, etc, the colleges will understand.

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