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What do I do over the summer to help my application?

Hello! I'm a freshman in High School and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas of what someone in my position could do over the summer to help boost my application. At the moment, over the summer I'm already working 15 hours a week at a Tennis summer camp (volunteering), 3 hours a week of Tennis, and 20 hours a week at my job (waitress).

All of my activities so far don't have anything to do with my interests. The only problem is, I'm interested in a lot of different areas so my goal is to get a lot of exposure to my interests over the summer in order to help decide my major and build my resume, off of my soul interest.

Right now, I am interested in:

-Medical Field






If anyone is aware of any online programs I could do over the summer that involve one or more of these fields please let me know! Thank you!!

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Since it's only your freshman year, I would try looking for internships to do in your later years. I would like to recommend the oxford scholastica summer program (which can be done online or on campus). They offer pre-college programs and internships for some of your interests. Don't worry, any activity you do outside of your school time can also count as extracurricular activities.

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I would try looking for volunteer opportunities that would enhance your resume. Try looking for ones in your area on volunteermatch.org Also, look for pre college programs with your topics of interest. For example, Wake Forest University offers a summer immersion program which is online or on campus. They have multiple institutes with your interests. Some offer college credit or certificates and look really good on college applications. Don’t stress too much, it’s only freshman year. Hope this helps :)

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