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Should I take both Math SAT Subject Tests?

I am a sophomore and I took AP Biology last year, so in August, I am taking the Biology SAT Subject test. I have taken Algebras 1 and 2 and Geometry. I am taking Pre-Calc this year. Should I go ahead and take the Math 1 subject test since I’ve taken the courses it covers and take the Math 2 next year? Or should I just wait and only take the Math 2 subject test?

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2 years ago[edited]

Just take the Math Level II one since Math Level I only covers Algebra and Geometry. Level 2 covers Algebra, Geometry, and Pre-Calc. tops. Since many top colleges have eliminated Subject tests completely like MIT and CalTech, there is not big urgency to even take them if you are getting A's in Pre-Calc or AP Calc. anyway. Most IVYs have made them test-optional as well. I would only take them if you feel they will reinforce your A's or 4/5 AP scores in higher math (or if you have B's in Math and want to show that you've mastered Math) Otherwise, do something else that makes your application profile stand out like taking a College Course online or something like that.

2 years ago

I think this depends on personal preference. Do you want to have more scores for math? Are you going to enter a major that requires a strong foundation in math? Personally, I would take the Math 1 now since you just took the courses that are tested on this test and it's fresh in your mind. Then, I would take Math 2 after I finished Pre-Calc and Trig. But if you don't want to study for both of these tests, then I would take Math 2, as long as you're confident that you learned everything in Pre-Calc for the test. Hope this helps.


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