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Georgetown Rescind

How many Cs before a school like Georgetown will rescind someone, I don't plan on getting many but I will get one in calc and maybe one more.

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I don't think anyone first-hand knows this information but the sentiment amongst bloggers and vloggers and college consultants is that if you are applying to a very difficult school with a less than 10% acceptance rate, there are plenty of highly qualified waiting-list applicants dying to get in.

So the college has to make a judgment call on whether or not they should pull a great candidate off the waitlist who has no Cs, perhaps no Bs, and has shown an upward trend in both their course rigor, test scores, and ECs versus giving you the benefit of the doubt that you just bombed the semester for some fluke and this was an anomaly.

I've heard some experts say that once you get a C or multiple Cs after being admitted to a top 20 university, you have a high chance of getting your application pulled and rescinded. Others have said there is no hard and fast rule and each applicant gets evaluated holistically and if enough remaining support still exists, they will get to keep their spot.

I know of my dad's friend's daughter who was accepted to UCLA but was rescinded after getting some Cs. This was a while ago when acceptance rates at UCLA were 20% and she happened to be a development candidate as well that got accepted through a large donation. I think the material blow was to the family who lost their donation versus the student who ended up going to art school instead.

I'm sorry I can't make you feel better about your situation. I'd say it's a cautionary yellow flag issue with (1) C and probably a red flag with (2) Cs.

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